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Nor it is needed. What is needed is the change of comprehension of Koran with essentially ignoring and forgetting about certain portions of text. Say, bits about selling one's daughter into slavery are still very much present in the Bible, but we don't expect any Christians to act on them, do we?

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  1. Doulmaran
    Doulmaran 11 months ago

    Its right above a few comments up.

  2. Mature features fetish clips
    Yozshugar 11 months ago

    Probably. NO racism whatsoever.

  3. Dourisar
    Dourisar 11 months ago

    They only care about having a mom and dad.

  4. Shakagor
    Shakagor 11 months ago

    So how did they address that?

  5. Mature features fetish clips
    Shaktit 10 months ago

    We are done talking about this.

  6. Знакомства
    Mikagrel 10 months ago

    Was that their appearance on the Lawrence Welk show?

  7. Kilrajas
    Kilrajas 10 months ago

    Hah! Diving deep there

  8. Знакомства
    Niran 10 months ago

    Psssssstttttt the article is about Republicans. (not conservatives)

  9. Mature features fetish clips
    Dougis 10 months ago

    energy can equilibrate, fade to extinct.

  10. Fell
    Fell 9 months ago

    What exactly am I supposed to disprove?

  11. Mature features fetish clips
    Fenrigal 9 months ago

    Do you have work to make money?

  12. Kazrajinn
    Kazrajinn 9 months ago

    That isn't evidence that the entire Bible is true.

  13. Mature features fetish clips
    Kajihn 9 months ago

    Don't make me swat you!

  14. Vugar
    Vugar 9 months ago

    Makes one feel know it all superior, I guess.

  15. Voodoonris
    Voodoonris 9 months ago

    Those Jews rejected Christ .like your hate for Christ.

  16. Mature features fetish clips
    Dourisar 8 months ago

    Where did it say they were illegal?

  17. Mature features fetish clips
    Terg 8 months ago

    And stick on eye brows, lol

  18. Zuluk
    Zuluk 8 months ago

    That is right, you can find him anywhere.

  19. Keshakar
    Keshakar 8 months ago

    Oh my ... d*ck pics??? ??????

  20. Voodookazahn
    Voodookazahn 8 months ago

    I rested my case, waiting for verdict jury out!

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