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The OP makes a good argument, albeit anecdotal, but I'm not willing to be party to the notion that the majority of the nation can be discriminated against on the basis of their sexuality.

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  1. Zulull
    Zulull 11 months ago

    Well it didn?t start yesterday. Lol

  2. Dujind
    Dujind 11 months ago

    "I work with our homeless daily"

  3. Fenris
    Fenris 10 months ago

    Me personally, making fun of Jesus President. Great OP!

  4. Kagasho
    Kagasho 10 months ago

    The wealthy, want to keep people down. Can't be......

  5. Gay massages new york
    Nizragore 10 months ago

    How is beautiful Debi today?

  6. Знакомства
    Samugami 10 months ago

    Do not encourage her

  7. Jugis
    Jugis 10 months ago

    research from a young earth creationist. ...hmmmm

  8. Gay massages new york
    Nasida 10 months ago

    I posted the evidence about 10 times.

  9. Darn
    Darn 10 months ago

    More guns in the hands of law abiding Americans

  10. Gay massages new york
    Toshicage 10 months ago

    I suspect my sarcasm was lost in translation.

  11. Знакомства
    Shakakinos 10 months ago

    I predict a dud... just like what?s his names.

  12. Bashura
    Bashura 10 months ago

    Who are the outside groups?

  13. Gay massages new york
    Mazahn 9 months ago

    And she finally got nuked. Turdeaus turn.

  14. Gay massages new york
    Moogull 9 months ago

    Looks like no one needs to.

  15. Zunos
    Zunos 9 months ago

    O truth! Is always sweeteth to my eareth :)

  16. Dorg
    Dorg 9 months ago

    Or to excuse hate speech against religion.

  17. Mikazragore
    Mikazragore 8 months ago

    It's called life for a reason.

  18. Gulabar
    Gulabar 8 months ago

    "love it or leave it" again

  19. Знакомства
    Dusida 8 months ago

    You are a piece of work, Gillette.

  20. Gay massages new york
    Gumuro 8 months ago

    Yes entirely nonsense, of course.

  21. Знакомства
    Gak 7 months ago

    Matthew 7:22 - 23

  22. Gay massages new york
    Moll 7 months ago

    Some of them were homosexuals. What is your point?

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Gay massages new york
Gay massages new york