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1. Truth has survival value. Calling a poisonous snake non-poisonous can be dangerous.

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  1. Zulugul
    Zulugul 9 months ago

    Yes, someone may think their parents are the norm.

  2. Zulkizilkree
    Zulkizilkree 9 months ago

    How close is Nemesis supposed to be?

  3. JoJolkis
    JoJolkis 9 months ago

    The Gravy Train is coming to a halt.

  4. Straight male anal
    Arasar 8 months ago

    She turned me into a better

  5. Zologul
    Zologul 8 months ago

    Learning precedes repentance, does it not.

  6. Taumi
    Taumi 8 months ago

    Yeah, they're scawy! Come out of the closet then.

  7. Straight male anal
    Volar 7 months ago

    Vic, focus. I have no religion.

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Straight male anal
Straight male anal