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Are you tired of having all the credit for your good deeds going to someone else?

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  1. Знакомства
    Kazrasida 1 year ago

    So, that's your informed, considered, fact-based answer?????

  2. Знакомства
    Shaktikora 1 year ago

    A'aight. If you're buying.

  3. Kigagis
    Kigagis 11 months ago

    Say it again brother and say it loud!

  4. Mami
    Mami 11 months ago

    and he spelt Niiii Ziiiiland wrong

  5. Dusida
    Dusida 11 months ago

    oh so bad experience of yu

  6. Vilabar
    Vilabar 11 months ago

    Depends on what kind of fever...:D

  7. Nilabar
    Nilabar 11 months ago

    Dang! She needs a turtleneck sweater.

  8. Faekus
    Faekus 11 months ago

    I couldn't care less about hearts.

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Russian brides online with ed
Russian brides online with ed
Russian brides online with ed