Benfits Of Smoking

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You can't even be impressed by these awards anymore...they're political participation trophies, not recognition.

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  1. Niramar
    Niramar 8 months ago

    Potential danger, got it.

  2. Знакомства
    Samunris 8 months ago

    Good. I need to take out the trash again.

  3. Zulutilar
    Zulutilar 8 months ago

    Bless you Debi for making this post ??????????

  4. Benfits Of Smoking
    Juzshura 8 months ago

    Please someone stop this madness!

  5. Moogura
    Moogura 7 months ago

    You said it was a guy thing not me

  6. Benfits Of Smoking
    Zunris 7 months ago

    They're not the strongest swimmers.

  7. Знакомства
    Tojagis 7 months ago

    Post on topic or DO NOT POST

  8. Benfits Of Smoking
    Zulugal 7 months ago

    I was hoping you'd catch that ??

  9. Знакомства
    Kazrazahn 7 months ago

    "Conservatives want people to follow the law."

  10. Taushicage
    Taushicage 6 months ago

    Cool...that?s a cute dog eh?

  11. Kigamuro
    Kigamuro 6 months ago

    AAh the great outdoors

  12. Vudokinos
    Vudokinos 6 months ago

    It looks like Freddy Kruger!!

  13. Benfits Of Smoking
    Dizshura 6 months ago

    Discussing religious views of an idiot is ridiculous.

  14. Benfits Of Smoking
    Daijind 6 months ago

    Yup. But she will be last. After Melania.

  15. Tauzragore
    Tauzragore 6 months ago

    Now truthfulness is paranoia to the left paranoid.

  16. Benfits Of Smoking
    Tygot 6 months ago

    Yup. Me too, but this isn't about rude.

  17. Знакомства
    Mikazshura 5 months ago

    Buh, you have hit the bulls eye.

  18. Tenris
    Tenris 5 months ago

    The ban of Alex Jones is BS!

  19. Знакомства
    Mezijind 5 months ago pu$$y grabbing adultery or assault?

  20. Goltishicage
    Goltishicage 5 months ago

    That doesn't really address my comment.

  21. Dubar
    Dubar 4 months ago

    No such thing is "needed."

  22. Benfits Of Smoking
    Fenrilrajas 4 months ago

    This is how Trump works.

  23. Goltirg
    Goltirg 4 months ago

    Does softball in high school count?

  24. Kigakora
    Kigakora 4 months ago

    Evolution by natural Selection. Now let the lying begin.

  25. Знакомства
    Zuluzragore 4 months ago

    How is that relevant? No one said you didn't.

  26. Benfits Of Smoking
    Kegrel 4 months ago

    Who said anger was a sin?

  27. Mezragore
    Mezragore 4 months ago

    Morning Rita, how are you today

  28. Dogor
    Dogor 4 months ago

    "undiscovered God that contradicts our logic."

  29. Salrajas
    Salrajas 4 months ago

    She's got you liberals pegged

  30. Maugore
    Maugore 3 months ago

    Haven't lost one yet -

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Benfits Of Smoking
Benfits Of Smoking
Benfits Of Smoking