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No, sorry, not covered as one of the sins therefore the charge, as brought, has no merit, no standing in biblical law except in the universe where man and woman were made first, died of asphyxiation because god forgot the Earth and the atmosphere, made a second set of man and woman but they asphyxiated in the hydrogen sulfide, methane, and ten to 200 times as much carbon dioxide as today's atmosphere. After about half a billion years, Earth's surface cooled and solidified enough for water to collect on it. The half billion years, of course, was one day. God made some cyanobacteria and some stromatolites which gradually oxygenated the atmosphere and that took another half a billion years (sorry, I meant half a day). The final set of man and woman were made and opened a restaurant which received good reviews, especially for its selection of fruit and its heady atmosphere.

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  1. Dohn
    Dohn 1 year ago


  2. Zunos
    Zunos 1 year ago

    Where does it say they cannot be taken away?

  3. Знакомства
    Shara 1 year ago

    I love all of them 5 letters...

  4. Sexy fat white girls
    Daigul 1 year ago

    Ohhhh just another tool in the pocket? ;P

  5. Nikomuro
    Nikomuro 1 year ago

    I liked the Spider Man films.

  6. Sexy fat white girls
    Mimi 11 months ago

    *sucking water from the air with a straw* yep.

  7. Tozragore
    Tozragore 11 months ago

    A child's answer. Good luck on your quest

  8. Знакомства
    Gardahn 11 months ago

    Of course it is. There is no downside.

  9. Sexy fat white girls
    Dashakar 11 months ago

    Ok. fair enough. Let me rephrase it once again.

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