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Actually, I studied in and out of the faith, and obviously, if I had studied only within the faith, as you suggest, I'd still be a Christian. Notably, some of the early church father's own writings were part of what convinced me that I was on the wrong road. For instance, references in them to the new ending to Mark, 16:9 on, actually two new endings, but one won out, and is included in every copy of the bible today, that was tacked on two or three hundred years later to better support the more incredible claims of the later gospels. In the book itself, there are more than a few indications parts are a fabrication, as well. Studying the historian's perspective made some things very clear inside it, but I'm not selling you anything here, or trying to. Modern textual analyses, that present day biblical scholars employ, were also rather telling.

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  1. Medal
    Medal 1 year ago

    I will take that as a "Jawohl"

  2. Dill
    Dill 11 months ago

    You are lost. good luck to you.

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    Yozshull 11 months ago

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  4. Знакомства
    Kara 11 months ago

    Atheist are never honest with themselves or others.

  5. Mezikree
    Mezikree 11 months ago

    Here's a reenactment of a Napoleonic era amputation.

  6. Fenriramar
    Fenriramar 11 months ago

    Which God condoned and even ordered.

  7. Google earth found naked girls
    Tamuro 10 months ago

    Beautiful as always young lady!!

  8. Google earth found naked girls
    Taukazahn 10 months ago

    Okay, buddy. Who's going to have their head explode?

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