Thumb rings for men

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It's right up there with the Cuban Missile Crisis as far as a danger to America.

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  1. Barisar
    Barisar 8 months ago

    Raciss...raciss..raciss...I am so sick of that lame word.

  2. Thumb rings for men
    Goshicage 8 months ago

    As a pantheist I agree.

  3. Vudogore
    Vudogore 8 months ago

    Way ahead of you partner.

  4. Thumb rings for men
    Misar 7 months ago

    You mean like your claim that atheism destroyed planets?

  5. Thumb rings for men
    Zulabar 7 months ago

    Are you dripping with sarcasm?

  6. Kazragore
    Kazragore 7 months ago

    I believe Total's own press release? Uh... yeah.

  7. Tygolrajas
    Tygolrajas 7 months ago

    oh congrats on your first grandchild ??

  8. Kazirg
    Kazirg 7 months ago

    Yeah it was good & busy.. how about you

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Thumb rings for men
Thumb rings for men