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I do not make the claim that god doesn?t exist so trying to shift the burden of proof is your fallacy. As I stated before that given available evidence atheism and deism are the only two logical conclusions when it comes to any possible god that does not intervene. What I did say is that god is merely answering one mystery with an even bigger mystery. Instead of saying, ?I don?t know, it is saying, ?I do know and it?s god. But this creates the problem because ?god has no explanatory power. It is equivalent to saying, ?I don?t know. It is the same mythology as the Greek and Roman gods to explain the universe.

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  1. Criticism and moby dick
    Yoshicage 11 months ago

    Western Washington USA temperate rain forest Mt Rainier

  2. Zulujinn
    Zulujinn 11 months ago

    but did YOU make a leftist comment?

  3. Criticism and moby dick
    Nikotilar 11 months ago

    It most certainly is.

  4. Nitaxe
    Nitaxe 10 months ago

    We're not talking about believing but about being certain.

  5. Criticism and moby dick
    Vohn 10 months ago

    LMFAO!!!! You must be a Trumper!!!!!

  6. Mezimi
    Mezimi 10 months ago

    Larry the Cable Guy!

  7. Знакомства
    Nikosar 10 months ago

    Only the convicted ones of course.

  8. Meztik
    Meztik 10 months ago

    What about them? Dare to explain?

  9. Arashiramar
    Arashiramar 9 months ago

    Why again were they/he banned from any of them?

  10. Criticism and moby dick
    Arakasa 9 months ago

    Masturbation becomes non-masturbation by use of an object?

  11. Kilar
    Kilar 9 months ago

    You seem to be confusing insanity and sanity.

  12. Знакомства
    Maladal 9 months ago

    You can't prove otherwise.

  13. Kagarn
    Kagarn 9 months ago

    White Castle honey mustard iz awsome lol! ??

  14. Jujar
    Jujar 8 months ago

    What good works does your faith group do?

  15. Criticism and moby dick
    Mauzshura 8 months ago

    Got me mate. what is it? something Japanese no?

  16. Sazragore
    Sazragore 8 months ago

    i want my socks on!

  17. Criticism and moby dick
    Fenrizil 8 months ago

    dont you think i did??

  18. Знакомства
    Brajind 8 months ago

    Oops, you're wrong. See my other reply.

  19. Akinojora
    Akinojora 7 months ago

    Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel?

  20. Akinosho
    Akinosho 7 months ago

    Your Babies of God do some foolish things.

  21. Знакомства
    Faejin 7 months ago

    Is belief in a creator not a supernatural holding?

  22. Знакомства
    Zulkilkis 7 months ago

    Armaggedon is a place not time!

  23. Douzragore
    Douzragore 7 months ago

    He is quantity over quality.

  24. Criticism and moby dick
    Shakakinos 7 months ago

    They are separate and they are one.

  25. Kigasida
    Kigasida 6 months ago

    Except that our universe exists contingently otherwise

  26. Criticism and moby dick
    Aragis 6 months ago

    Nails aren?t any good without a riot

  27. Zulkitaur
    Zulkitaur 6 months ago

    Do you have work to make money?

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Criticism and moby dick
Criticism and moby dick