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I think you read something into my comment that wasn't there, lol. You need to read it again, especially the last sentence. You would argue that evolution can't be true because it conflicts with your faith, without any evidence for even the creator you believe in. Spare us.

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  1. Vudotaxe
    Vudotaxe 11 months ago

    LOL. Pretend degrees are hilarious,

  2. Nirn
    Nirn 11 months ago

    Leviticus no longer applies.

  3. Fenrile
    Fenrile 10 months ago

    How is the analogy purile? Please explain.

  4. Voodoogrel
    Voodoogrel 10 months ago

    Ah, I lost interest.

  5. Arakora
    Arakora 10 months ago

    oh it's their own damned fault for lacking conviction.

  6. Знакомства
    Akinojar 10 months ago

    As Ray said below. But, why?

  7. Mazuramar
    Mazuramar 10 months ago

    I never was a good driver

  8. Amateur mom sex video
    Yozshutilar 10 months ago

    Was she cool with it?

  9. Знакомства
    Kazijin 9 months ago

    Are you responsible for George Tiller?

  10. Kazrashura
    Kazrashura 9 months ago

    isn't all that important

  11. Kelrajas
    Kelrajas 9 months ago

    Love your cheeks birdy,oh mean your work.??????????????

  12. Mikagis
    Mikagis 9 months ago

    Trump's dummies are ignorant.

  13. Yojora
    Yojora 9 months ago

    You said planet, not universe.

  14. Nikoshakar
    Nikoshakar 8 months ago

    Yep! They're leeches! Just ask Trumpanites!

  15. Amateur mom sex video
    Tezilkree 8 months ago

    That's irrelevant. The Constitution doesn't define marriage.

  16. Amateur mom sex video
    Kigadal 8 months ago

    My aim in life is only to please .

  17. Знакомства
    Kajilkis 8 months ago

    How would you force them to work?

  18. Знакомства
    Grozuru 8 months ago

    Rape? According to Scripture the virgin consented.

  19. Amateur mom sex video
    Dukazahn 8 months ago

    What part of intersex are you unable to comprehend?

  20. Kagis
    Kagis 7 months ago

    Ooohh, celebrity moderator deathmatch! Nice! I'll bring the popcorn.

  21. Amateur mom sex video
    Mazugul 7 months ago

    All tax payers pay for it.

  22. Momuro
    Momuro 7 months ago

    Not agreeing isn't relevant to whether there is.

  23. Molar
    Molar 7 months ago

    Look at your crotch.

  24. Sale
    Sale 7 months ago

    Learn to LIE with satan, your master.

  25. Vucage
    Vucage 7 months ago

    Awwww, imma save you during my break then lol

  26. Знакомства
    Kajas 6 months ago

    That will be both.

  27. Banos
    Banos 6 months ago

    not a girls scout.

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